Situation: Beyond Fucked

The 1.5°C Paris target is bullshit, Net Zero 2050 is bullshit, the Green New Deal is bullshit. There's already at least 2.6°C of warming locked in to the system and we're doing nothing. This is beyond fucked.

1.25/1.55°C above pre-industrial [1]

We're already at least 1.25°C above the pre-industrial era average, some people say that's before 1750, others say it's 1850-1900 - it doesn't fucking matter, both are fucked.

+0.16-0.21°C arctic sea ice melting [2]

Because it's white, arctic sea ice reflects a ton of heat back into space and it's massively shrinking, when it's gone we're fucked, eta 2035. It'll be the same as releasing one trillion tons of CO2 or about another 25 years of current emissions.

+0.5-1.1°C air pollution masking [3]

Fossil air pollution also reflects heat back into space, aka "global dimming". Mad but true. When it's gone (and it has to go) ...lots more heat!

+0.75-1.0°C carbon lag [4]

It takes 10 years for CO2 to kick in, so we're only now feeling the effects from 2011 and we've dumped a fuck ton more into the atmosphere since then.

Best case: fucked [5]

That's +2.66°C above pre-industrial locked in, best case. Worst case, it's more than 3.8°C. Doesn't sound like much? Wrong! It's a shit load, why? It's global average surface temperature. It's +6°C in the middle of continents, it's +10°C on a hot day, it's dead crops, it's mass starvation, it's 1,200,000,000 people on the move, it's global chaos. It's beyond fucked!

In 2022 if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Get on to the streets & stop the insane death project.

Don't take our word for it! Watch expert IPCC reviewer, Dr Peter Carter, lay it all out...

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